Ben & Jerry’s makes super premium ice cream filled with euphoric chunks and swirls, and stands up for            social and environmental issues.


what we did

Cone has been working with purpose-driven Ben & Jerry’s for 11 years, helping promote the company’s brand and experiences as influences for good in the world. Cone strives to insert the brand’s social mission and innovations into mainstream conversations through traditional and social media. 

Leading up to COP21, Cone worked with Ben & Jerry’s to launch a global campaign in the U.S. focused on climate action and justice. The Save our Swirled campaign inspired citizens to demand climate action. The brand also created a Save our Swirled ice cream flavor available in pints and at Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops. A portion of proceeds were donated to climate causes. Cone supported this effort through robust media relations engagement around a national education/sampling tour with a retrofitted Tesla sampling vehicle.

Cone also collaborated with Ben & Jerry’s on two campaigns supporting marriage equality – “Hubby Hubby” and “I Dough I Dough.” In both cases, Ben & Jerry’s re-named iconic flavors to raise awareness for the issue. 



Ben & Jerry’s believes in walking the talk and not just doing good for marketing value. With these campaigns, Cone helped the brand take a stance on issues resulting in greater awareness and furthering the company’s mission.

  • Consistent coverage by top tier media
  • Traditional media story shares on social driving large spike in social conversations
  • Hubby Hubby: 1,600 placements reaching more than 429.8 million consumers
  • I Dough, I Dough: 340 placements and nearly 258 million impressions
  • Save Our Swirled: 250 placements and 147 million impressions