Cause Marketing

Associating a brand or product with a cause is no longer rare – walk down any store aisle and you’re bound to see dozens of issues represented through dozens of products. So how does a brand rise above a sea of ribbons, donations and calls-to-action? 

Having coined the term “cause branding” some 20 years ago, Cone Communications continues to pioneer the space and innovate cause marketing programs that realize business and social return, and ultimately stand the test of time. We are unmatched in our ability to not only create cause marketing strategies that align brands with relevant social issues in ways that intuitively make sense for consumers, but also strengthen brand reputation, deepen emotional connections, deliver bottom-line results and inspire action among key stakeholders.

What Sets Us Apart

Our Cause Marketing team offers expertise in wide-ranging social issues, corporate-nonprofit partnerships, employee relations and communications. We know how to infuse cause marketing into consumer lifestyles to motivate purchase and bolster affinity. We understand how to leverage new and existing assets to effectively tell your cause story to the right audiences through traditional and emerging channels. We know how to make cause marketing work for you in a way that is authentic, sustainable and above all else, successful.

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  • Signature Social Impact platform
  • Cause/issue identification
  • Nonprofit/corporate negotiation
  • Partnership management
  • Financial contribution counsel
  • Organizational evolution
  • Product and promotion development
  • Special events
  • Media relations and new media
  • Employee communications and engagement
  • Impact measurement
  • Email