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The New Conscious Consumer

by Cone Communications

Consumers have high expectations...and they want to know what you stand for.

People want to understand and connect with brands in a way that is emotionally relevant to them.  We have found in our research and working with our clients that consumers want to know who a company is at its very heart and soul - basically the DNA of who it is.  Companies must express their humanity and values in authentic and emotionally compelling ways to reach their consumers, employees, partners, communities and other stakeholders.  And now, more than ever, consumers have very high expectations.

So, how do you think about the new conscious consumer?

We are at the beginning of a perfect storm- the world is changing and redefining itself constantly.  As companies go beyond borders, the marketplace is replacing the government as the new regulating force, so there is more power in the hands of individual consumers than ever before.  As a result, companies have to think differently about conscious consumers and how to reach them.  It is critical for companies to connect with their consumers in a much deeper, more meaningful way beyond the traditional features of price and quality.  In a world of parity items, it no longer matters just what you are; it matters what you stand for.

So make sure you are asking some key questions about your consumer:

  1. What is in the heart of your consumer?
  2. What matters to them?
  3. What are you doing about it?




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