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What’s the soundtrack to your brand?

by Andrea List

Brands all over the world are exploring their inner-musicians. In an attempt to appeal to tweens, teens, Millennials and pretty much any music fan out there, brands have turned up the music in their promotions and programs.



JetBlue recently launched “Live from T5,” an online contest that will choose musical acts to fill the last five slots in its Live from T5 concert series held in its T5 terminal at JFK Airport in New York.


Disney starlet Selena Gomez is the spokestween for Sears’Air Band Casting Call,” a competition to find a fifth member for its Arrive Air Band, which will be performing at the MTV Video Music Awards.

In Canada, Bud Light is introducing its “Bud Light Lime Summer Tunes” promotion to reward Facebook fans who petitioned to bring Bud Light Lime to Canada. Facebookers have a chance to win free downloads of the top 10 songs as selected by the brand’s fans.

The Bacardi Bat Project” commissions new songs from up-and-coming music artists and makes them available for download via popular music blogs.

Not wanting to pay music artists to appear in its Chinese advertising, PepsiCo launched a music label in China to develop its own crop of music stars.

Through its "Adopted Bands" program, Denny's sponsors bands to eat for free and host after parties at local Denny's restaurants while on the road.

These days, an MP3 player is as indispensible an accessory as a cell phone – and in many cases is a cell phone, too – and brands are seizing the opportunity to appeal to a younger, hipper, music-loving crowd. It looks to be a win-win for the brands and the bands, but will it be music to consumers’ ears? 




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