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Where Did All the Cause Ads Go?

by Research & Insights

Every year, we watch the Super Bowl with great expectations for cause marketing, which has become more prominent in the sought-after advertising spots. Although Pepsi received much of the pre-Super Bowl advertising buzz for not buying spots and instead investing in its cause program, the Cone team felt disappointed there weren't more cause efforts during the big game.


Check out the video below to hear what they had to say:






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Park Howell

Dang, I wanted to hear what you had to say, but your video didn't run. Apparently no link to YouTube, or user error on my end. Let me know if it fires up for you. Thanks.

Casey Brennan

Hi Park-

Not sure why it's not working, but here is the direct link to our channel where you can find the video:

Hope that works!

Casey Brennan
Insights Associate

Ryan Scott

Maybe the only advertisers left on the superbowl are ones who aren't into cause marketing!

Cause marketing works a heck of a lot better on the internet where you have engagement - people help promote the campaign.

Casey Brennan

Hi Ryan-

Yes, new media is an incredible opportunity for companies and nonprofits to engage consumers in their causes and we're huge proponents of it. But, at the end of the day it's probably still about having a really well-rounded program that uses many different channels. The Super Bowl may not the best outlet for cause, but it was a departure from the past not to see anything cause-related deemed worthy of the pricey airtime. And in fact, we have some brand new data, not even released yet, that speaks to even while new media channels are growing, consumers are still clinging to traditional channels, so stay tuned!

Casey Brennan
Insights Associate

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