Corporate Social Responsibility

Purpose is not enough. It’s about return.  

In an age of increasing access to information and ever-savvier stakeholders, measuring your impact is just as – and perhaps more – important as defining your mission. You can’t cash in on purpose, and you don’t solve disease or climate change with good intentions. Results are paramount. We are here to help you achieve them.

With unrivaled subject matter expertise across diverse industries, verticals and operations, Cone Communications designs and activates Corporate Social Return Campaigns that humanize a company’s business commitments and social investments to inspire action, while tracking and delivering return for the business and impacting society.

Our proprietary CSR Dashboard is a user-friendly measurement framework that captures the comprehensive outputs and outcomes across each element of the Corporate Social Return Campaign as it relates to revenue, efficiency, brand, talent and society.


What Sets Us Apart 

Our hallmark is the ability to integrate three areas of dedicated, deep subject-matter expertise, reflecting a departure from  the common industry emphasis on purpose and process, to one on results.

SOCIAL IMPACT Representing the “S” in CSR, our expertise spans philanthropy and giving, employee engagement, cause marketing and nonprofit partnership development

SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS PRACTICES Defining sustainability strategies and commitments, our expertise includes materiality assessments and issue prioritization, goal setting, policy development and reporting

ENGAGEMENT & COMMUNICATIONS Bringing campaigns to life, our expertise includes  media relations, brand positioning, stakeholder engagement, influencer outreach, social networking and storytelling

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