Crisis Prevention & Management

Many challenges are foreseeable in advance - those are issues. But some are not - those are crises. Cone Communications' team can help you mitigate the issues and be prepared for the crises. In today's online world where information spreads rapidly, and impacts multiply and accelerate, we are available 24/7 to our clients.  We help you to recognize and stay ahead of trouble, to listen, watch, and engage, and to make decisions and implement communications that will protect your brand during a crisis. Our team has decades of experience in crisis management and journalism. We have dealt with diverse issues ranging from product recalls to food safety, to labor and employee concerns to environmental and supply chain risks.

What Sets Us Apart

Our deep history in issue and crisis management demonstrates that the most effective crisis management comes through preparedness. With Cone, you will have a variety of critical crisis preparedness services, including risk assessments and scenario planning; issue monitoring, analysis and response support for traditional, online and social media; development of crisis communication plans; desktop crisis drills; spokesperson training; and Internet-based crisis counsel and tools.

We’re at the ready, whatever you need.

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  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Issues Research, Monitoring and Analysis
  • Media Monitoring (Including New Media)
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Message Development
  • Spokesperson Training
  • Crisis Plan Development
  • Crisis Drills and Training
  • Internet Crisis Tools
  • Crisis Incident Management and Media Relations
  • Reputation Management and Repair
  • Email