Life at Cone

A personal approach to your professional life.

Cone Communications fosters a work environment of committed, socially responsible employees who trust and respect one another, solving challenges together.

We are practitioners and deep subject matter experts who deliver sophisticated work with a sense of purpose. We work closely with one another and feel a connection to our larger whole, while also enjoying the camaraderie that comes with working in close-knit teams. We love the fact that friendships form outside our office walls and employees care about one another’s personal successes, relationships and interests.

Find your balance.

Through our flexible work options, generous time off benefits, early office closing on Fridays, our Hours for Good program, Cone's internal CSR group - Team IMPACT, the Cone Wellness Program and a variety of additional initiatives, our culture embodies the key pillars of volunteerism, sustainability, health, wellness, and work/life balance.

Have some fun.

The office is a place to get work done but it’s also a place where we can come together to exercise, get creative, learn about new things, and socialize when the time is right. We offer a variety of clubs and monthly events to build our culture and create opportunities for our people to truly connect with one another.

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