Entertainment Marketing

When getting consumers to relate to brands on a global scale, we run into one of our most interesting challenges of all: trying to find actors that aren’t acting. With nearly 50 combined years of expertise managing Hollywood relationships, Cone Communications Entertainment Marketing is skilled at navigating the integration of celebrities with brands and issues. We understand the challenge of finding celebrities that resonate with your cause or issue in an authentic and credible way. We also excel at maximizing exposure by developing the most impactful program, while capitalizing on the celebrity’s brand and network.


What Sets Us Apart

Finding a celebrity to align with your causes and issues requires an extra level of scrutiny, as the risks are often much greater. Thorough research and issues monitoring is critical to mitigate any possible risks, and Cone’s deep expertise in cause marketing gives us an edge in knowing what to look for and how to find it. And, our relationships with agents, managers and publicists allow us to create partnerships between celebrities and brands that are organic and genuine. Lastly, we translate our expertise in engaging consumers to drive stronger and deeper programs for you.

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