2013 Earth Day Round Up

Monday marked 43 years since Rachel Carson's Silent Spring sparked the world's first-ever Earth Day and changed the way companies and stakeholders thought about the environment. The holiday has grown into a day (or even month) during which brands join together with consumers and NGOs to share environmental commitments and hopefully inspire a little "green" action at the same time. Here are a few campaigns that caught our eye:

  • JetBlue took its Earth Day campaign to new heights by planting 2,400 trees in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy. For the sixth year, the airline partnered with the New York Restoration Project and hundreds of volunteers to make its "One Thing That's Green" event a success. In addition to this on-the-ground campaign, JetBlue asked passengers to upload pictures of what they "do to make the world a greener place" for a chance to win a number of One Thing That's Green Sweepstakes prizes. This campaign's success sprouted from its multiple touchpoints, from something as simple as uploading a picture to as involved as helping to plant over 2,000 trees.
  • Earth Day grew like a vine with HooplaHa.com's #GivingVine Goes Green 2013 campaign. In honor of Earth Day, the website asked people to submit Vines (six-second video clips), showing "Earth-friendly acts of kindness."  While the campaign lived completely on social, the call-to-action grew into a wave of "green" acts across the nation
  • NASCAR was off to the races this Earth Day with two major commitments. GreenBiz.com recently reported that in addition to NASCAR's tree planting initiative to offset the emissions of every NASCAR race in 2013 through an online tree-planting pledge website, the brand has partnered with Liberty Tire Recycling to recycle 120,000 tires each year. These bold commitments show that NASCAR is tackling environmental issues core to its business but also inviting consumers to take part in the efforts.

Want to extend Earth Day the whole year round? Check out our latest infographic with a few recycling realities and tips on how both brands and consumers can take recycling to the next level.


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