42BELOW Vodka Brand Says: “When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Eco Soap”

As waste continues to be a major trending topic within the sustainability world, companies are coming up with increasingly creative ways to address the issue within their own business operations – from "inglorious vegetables" to shoes that can biodegrade in your sink after their useful life. Now, the phrase "one man's trash is another man's treasure" has never rang truer, with one liquor brand taking an item destined for the trash can and giving it new life, all while educating consumers along the way.

Bacardi Limited's 42BELOW vodka brand is launching a new "planet-saving initiative" to address a wasteful byproduct of its vodka: used cocktail lemons. The brand is introducing "42BELOW Recycled Cocktail Lemons Eco Soap" – the world's first soap made from recycled cocktail lemons. 42BELOW has partnered with bars across Australia and New Zealand to collect used lemons which the company then picks up and transforms into soap through its proprietary process. The soap is then returned to participating bars to be used in restrooms free of charge, along with signage to inform patrons of the initiative. Since the program's launch in December, the vodka brand has already collected 400kgs of fruit waste which was used to create 20,000 sachets and 400 bottles of liquid soap. One participating bar's Art & Drinks Director explains the primary benefit of the program, "The nice thing about this initiative is the customers get to experience it as well. Every customer goes to the bathroom at least once while they're in the venue, so they can see the poster which explains it all and then use the actual soap - it's really visual and practical."

Although waste may seem like an internal business issue, this initiative shows that everyone can participate in reducing what lands in the trash – from local businesses to consumers. 42BELOW's eco soap educates individuals on how something as small as a lemon peel can either waste away in a trash can or be transformed into something entirely new.