1% for the Planet Harnesses the Power of Individuals

In recent months, numerous organizations have seen immense increases in donations in response to current political events. Companies have stood up for core beliefs with charitable donations, but individuals are also looking to support their values - and many reach for their wallets to do so. One organization realized consumers’ need to demonstrate support via donations and is simplifying the donation process.

1% for the Planet, a global organization that accelerates smart environmental giving, recently announced that for the first time in the organization’s 15-year history it will offer an Individual Membership. Individuals can now join a global network by choosing to commit 1 percent of their annual salary or net worth to support the environmental issues they care about most. The CEO of 1% for the Planet, Kate Williams, explains, “We have created this exciting opportunity because it is increasingly clear that the private sector - not only businesses, but also you and me - must step forward to fuel positive change for our planet.”

Currently, only 3 percent of all U.S. philanthropy is allocated to the environment and many speculate that both the political focus and resources to address environmental issues will decline in years to come. 1% for the Planet hopes that empowered individuals won’t have to think twice about making a donation if the guesswork of where to donate to is eliminated. The organization will provide specific, vetted nonprofit partner recommendations so individuals don’t have to spend time researching each nonprofit.

Now individuals, like companies, have the opportunity to commit to change in a real and focused way. 1% for the Planet has harnessed the increased motivation to stand up for a cause and created a network that will validate each individual’s donation no matter the size. What may seem like a small gesture by a single person becomes amplified when part of a larger movement.