Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day Leads with Purpose-Driven Partnerships and Frictionless Giving

Red Nose Day, the annual campaign to end child poverty, may seem new to the cause scene in the U.S., but the national fundraising campaign to end child poverty has already raised nearly $150 million since 2015 (not including this year’s campaign contributions) – impacting more than 16 million children in the U.S. and around the world. Yet, many Americans may not know, Red Nose Day actually launched in the UK 30 years ago and is firmly established as a British institution. Thursday marked the fifth anniversary of the campaign here in the U.S.

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Comic Relief USA*, the organization behind Red Nose Day, has achieved massive scale in a new market in a short amount of time through a powerful ecosystem of partners, including leading global foundations, major corporations and brands, as well as tech start-ups like Tiltify to drive awareness and maximize participation, contributions and impact. These partnerships include broadcast partner NBCUniversal, which brings storytelling to scale and leverages Hollywood talent; Walgreens, official retail partner with an expansive platform and footprint; and Mars Wrigley Confectionery and the M&Ms brand, which has developed a community program to teach homeless youth and teens how to use laughter as a tool to share stories – as well as including Red Nose Day within existing marketing programs like NASCAR. Xbox, a new partner this year, is enabling the gaming community to get involved through simple actions like purchasing an Xbox game pass. Red Nose Day partnerships also allow for accessible and frictionless giving by reaching people where they are and using the latest technology and social platforms to keep up with current and future donors.

Red Nose Day’s ongoing approach to developing a diverse roster of Purpose-led partnerships empowers each partner to connect with their audience in unique ways, all while laddering up to a common theme and goal of ending child poverty. This approach has expanded the reach of the campaign and made a larger impact in a shorter amount of time, which is a blueprint for other organizations looking to achieve accelerated growth and scale.

*ONE HUNDRED/Porter Novelli client