Instagram Launches Donation Sticker for Stories Feature

1 billion individuals use Instagram every month – with more than 500 million using the platform on a daily basis. And although much of the content is centered around travel, shopping, experiences and Insta-friendly meals; increasingly, members are taking to online platforms to share their values. Indeed, our 2017 research found 82 percent of Gen Zers use social media to talk about issues they care about. In line with that insight, Instagram has launched a new feature to better enable its members to make an impact on things that matter to them personally.


This week, Instagram launched a new donation sticker, allowing users to easily fundraise for their favorite nonprofit organizations. The sticker is available through Instagram’s Stories feature, which allows users to share short posts or videos that vanish after 24 hours. To start a fundraiser, users need to simply upload a photo or video within Instagram and then select the “Sticker,” then “Donation” icons. Once posted, followers can click on the Sticker to contribute and users can see how much they’ve raised at any time by swiping up on the Story. While previously users could have links to nonprofits in their profiles or in Stories to solicit donations, the new functionality creates a seamless in-app experience. Further, Instagram has waived fees for donations, so 100 percent of contributions go straight to the nonprofit. Nonprofits must be preapproved by Facebook in order to be featured on the platform.

As businesses and nonprofits look to engage with audiences on the issues that matter to them, it’s important to meet them where they are – including on the social networks of their choice. With half (51%) of Gen Zers saying they use Instagram specifically to participate in social and environmental issues they care about, creating easy and fun ways to help users contribute. And younger audiences are feeling the power of their online efforts, as 81 percent say they can have an impact on issues by using social media. Now, the Instagram donation Sticker makes it that much easier for users to feel that impact.