Best Buy Helps Consumers Be More Sustainable at Home

Although reports show just 100 companies are responsible for 71 percent of the world’s carbon emissions, consumers themselves must also play a role in reducing their own footprints. Companies are making strides to engage and educate consumers – including through the recently launched #BrandsForGood initiative which aims to shift consumer behavior to drive positive impact. Now, a new consumer-facing initiative aims to reduce individuals’ carbon emissions while also saving them money.

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This week, Best Buy announced a new sustainability goal – one aimed at helping consumers. Included in the electronics giant’s latest Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability report, Best Buy aims to reduce consumer carbon emissions by 20 percent and save $5 billion on consumer utility costs by 2030. At the same time, it will work to decrease its own emissions by 75 percent. To achieve consumer emissions reductions, Best Buy is putting a greater emphasis on Energy Star electronics, appliances and other energy-saving devices. And to solve for end-of-life e-waste, Best Buy is accelerating its electronics take-back program. This week it also announced that its Geek Squad Agents and In-Home Advisors, who make house calls to provide consultations and other tech-support services, will now take items to be recycled straight from homes during visits. This includes cables and cords, Wi-Fi gear, audio equipment and other items that don’t contain personal data.

As the urgency to reduce carbon emissions grows to ever-greater heights, its clear that all parties must be committed to change. And while companies hold perhaps the greatest responsibility to reduce emissions, it is just as important to help consumers to do the same. For Best Buy, this means not only making the sustainable option the easy option, but the economical one as well.