Nordstrom Launches Sustainable Style Category

As something they touch and feel every day, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the clothes they wear, and the practices used to create them. Indeed, attention on sustainable fashion is on the rise – with research showing a 47 percent increase in “shoppers looking for items that have ethical and style credentials with terms such as ‘vegan leather’ and ‘organic cotton.’” Now, one retailer is making it even easier for consumers to shop – and dress – in alignment with their values.

Sustainable Style final.png

This week, Nordstrom launched a new online shopping category called “Sustainable Style.” The initiative ladders up to a broader announcement made from the retailer that it would commit to the G7 fashion pact, “a coalition of 32 global luxury brands, labels and companies that are working to minimize the negative impact that the fashion industry has on the environment.” To bring the commitment to life, Nordstrom’s new “Sustainable Style” category on its website features sustainably and ethically made products under three pillars: Gives Back, Responsibly Manufactured, and Sustainably Sourced. So far, the category includes 2,000 items from brands such as Reformation, Eileen Fisher, Veja, Toms and more. And to help consumers understand the criteria and terminology being used across the site, it has introduced a new “Sustainable Style Glossary of Terms.” The impetus for the overall effort is succinctly described on the retailer’s website: “You've told us that you want consciously manufactured products that align with your values. We want those things too. Nordstrom is working closely with brands to make responsible fashion easier to find, shop and support.”

With research pointing to over half (52%) of consumers in the U.S. and U.K. demanding the fashion industry become more sustainable, companies are responding – not only looking internally at how they can address issues within their operational footprint and supply chain, but also how they can share this in an accessible way with consumers. Nordstrom’s Sustainable Style category brings consumers along for the journey, and fills a demand for a more sustainable shopping experience.