Make Your Award-Winning Work Award Winning

Awards season is in full swing. Dust off your best digs—and we don’t mean your swankiest business attire. First, polish up your award entry writing skills and identify your brightest campaigns.

We’ve all been at the award dinner wondering why campaign “X” just won it all, which we, as marketers and public relations experts, have never heard of. It just doesn’t make sense… or does it? Award-winning work doesn’t rest solely on the project; it has a great deal to do with the award entry itself. Key word: ENTRY.

Here are some tips from the award winners at Cone Communications on making your award-winning work actually award winning.

  1. Look at all possible categories for entry. Pick something you really could win for. Don’t just go for the biggest campaign category; think outside the box for categories that may fit specific components of your campaign- did you have an infographic? Was it a social media campaign? Find a category that really lets your campaign shine.
  2. Take a break from your everyday work space and think of it as a getaway from your usual writing routine. Start when you’re feeling fresh and creative. And, have fun.
  3. This is a creative entry, not a police report. Lay it out step by step, but tell an engaging story that will grab the readers’ attention. Keep in mind the judges are reading tons of entries back-to-back—you’ll stand out if your entry can break the tedium.
  4. Make sure your objectives, strategies and tactics are actually such, and that they align.
  5. Map out objectives that line up with real results—show more than just media impressions, such as sales, social media results, consumer feedback, anecdotes from clients, etc. Demonstrate a business impact.

See you at the acceptance podium!

--Molly Finnegan, Account Supervisor, Brand Communications


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