Chipotle’s Brand Values Go Viral Again

Chipotle's recent marketing push isn't promoting the company's newest menu item or food quality improvement. Rather, Chipotle is letting traditional marketing take the backseat in favor of leveraging social and mobile channels to shed light on factory farming practices. The company is challenging consumers to think differently about food and have a little fun along the way.

No stranger to viral videos (and less than two years after its big GRAMMY commercial hit, "Back to the Start"), the burrito giant enters the scene again with a video entitled "The Scarecrow." The three-minute YouTube video picks up where "Back to the Start" left off, revealing a world where "Crow Foods Incorporated" has eclipsed small farmers with a mammoth farming factory, essentially turning the process of growing food into a science experiment. Mark Crumpacker, Chipotle's chief marketing officer, describes the marketing tactic in USA Today, "We're trying to educate people about where their food comes from."  In true Chipotle fashion, the video lacks overt branding and dedicates the closing seconds of the video demo a new iPhone game that lets players fight against "Crow Foods Incorporated" to earn buy-one, get-one meals. In this way, Chipotle engages consumers around a highly complex issue while also incentivizing them to dine at the restaurant.

Chipotle's newest campaign is just one example of social and mobile channels opening doors for new models of CSR engagement. By initiating its tried-and-true viral video tactic, this time adding a mobile game into the mix, the company seeks to spread awareness for what Chipotle believes is an important issue for consumers to understand. And the call-to-action for consumers is clear and simple – if you don't like "Big Ag," then buy Chipotle.

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