Happy Earth Day! (Again.)

Happy Earth Day! No, we’re not behind the times. We’re well-aware yesterday was Earth Day, and we celebrated right alongside every other eco-conscious organization in the world. We applaud the efforts, announcements and commitments organizations made. But for us, and hopefully many of you, today is Earth Day, too, and therefore still worth talking about.

Despite data showing most consumers (91%) want to hear about companies’ social and environmental commitments, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by “earth-friendly” messages on Earth Day. One sustainability writer tallied 287 Earth Day-related email announcements in his inbox – an obvious gluttony of green. One can only imagine consumers feel the same.

So instead of blasting your latest green product launch or environmental announcement only on April 22, why not use all 365 days in a year to communicate with your consumers? In fact, most consumers (85%) want companies to communicate their environmental commitments year-round, as opposed to seasonally to coincide with isolated events, such as Earth Day. Not only will an ongoing communications strategy help your organization avoid the green deluge, but it will also increase the exposure of your efforts by reaching stakeholders throughout the year, likely when they can pay closer attention.

As consumers and other stakeholders become ever-more demanding of corporate sustainability efforts, it also becomes harder for companies to break through with their messages. Choose your timing wisely. Your customers – and the media – will take better notice and appreciate your efforts when they’re not already drowning in green.


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