Cone's Green Team Tip

With the warm weather finally here, many farmers markets are officially open for the season. It’s so refreshing to buy food from the person who produced it- it simplifies today’s high-tech society and gives our bodies a break from the often factory-produced, over-processed food we eat.

Every month, Cone’s Green Team provides our agency with a tip to help us minimize our environmental impact and support social issues. In May, the Green Team encouraged fellow employees to get some fresh air and fresh food at local farms and farmers markets. Becoming a “locavore” for the next few months will provide a boost to the economy, minimize your environmental impact and introduce you to exciting, healthy new foods.

The helpful infographic below (courtesy of eLocal) explains the environmental benefits of buying local, which include reduced energy in transportation and packaging, as well as the economic benefits. For example, did you know that national chains reinvest 33.6% of their revenue in the community, while local businesses reinvest 64.8%?

To help support these local businesses, Cone’s Green Team provided a list of Boston-area farmers markets with dates and times. For fellow Bay Staters, Mass Farmers Markets will send you a weekly reminder about the dates and times of your local farmers market – via text, email or voicemail – and is a resource for finding markets across the country.

Finally, there’s no judgment cast for those who give into temptation and buy a new, colorful vegetable. When you purchase food locally and in-season, you reduce the environmental impact made when food is shipped hundreds – or even thousands – of miles to reach your plate. Not only are you directly benefitting local farmers and artisans, but your body will thank you for eating fresh produce. Buying local, seasonal fruits and vegetables is also a great opportunity to try new flavors and experiment with different recipes.

So go ahead, don’t be afraid to buy something new even if you don’t yet know how to prepare it – how about some locally grown fiddleheads. Whether you’re an omnivore, carnivore, vegetarian or vegan, stop by your farmers markets and be a “locavore” today!

-Rachel Swirsky and Karen DeVincent, Assistant Account Executives and Green Team members