Employee Giving: Flexible, Meet Focused

Attention employers: your employees need some focus. OK, maybe not news to you, but we’re not talking about the memo that should have been done last week (hardly our business!). We’re referring to your employees’ company-supported charitable giving.

At a time when many companies are moving toward more focused corporate philanthropy, fewer may be tapping an underutilized resource – their employee giving programs. More strategic employee giving can provide a number of benefits for the company, its staff and the nonprofit beneficiaries, and like its name (“strategic choice employee giving”) implies, it can be both focused and flexible.

To learn about strategic choice employee giving and the role it plays in a focused corporate philanthropy program, download Cone’s latest insight, “Corporate Philanthropy: Are Your Employees Working Hard Enough?” and read on… Then take a moment to participate in our poll question on this topic to the right.


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