Sustainability, Local and non-GMO at Top of Americans’ Grocery Lists

GMOs, local, organic, cruelty-free and more… When it comes to food shopping, consumers today juggle a variety of complex sustainability and CSR issues. To find out what food concerns take priority in the grocery aisles, we're proud to share the 2014 Cone Communications Food Issues Trend Tracker. The research revealed a number of key food-related insights, including:

  • Consumers prioritize food safety (93%) and nutritional value (92%), but see many issues as significant when purchasing food, including:
    • 74% locally produced
    • 69% sustainable packaging
    • 69% animal welfare
    • 67% non-GMO
    • 65% protects and renews natural resources
  • 66% of consumers are willing to pay more and 46% would sacrifice variety to purchase locally produced foods
  • 83% considers sustainability when buying food, and 81% would like to see more environmentally conscious options
  • Although 60% of consumers seek out non-GMO foods, more than half aren't sure if GMOs are good or bad for them
    • 84% wants companies to disclose more information and educate them on GMOs in products

Consumers are going beyond the nutrition label to find out more about the products they put in their bodies and companies must provide them with information and innovation in turn. Some major organizations are already responding to consumer demands – in recent months Cheerios has eliminated GMOs from its cereal and the Girl Scouts of America has developed a gluten-free cookie. The 2014 Cone Communications Food Issues Trend Tracker shines a light on the need for companies to consider not only how a product is labeled and marketed, but also where it comes from and how it is produced.

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