Getting Dirty For The Greater Good

Cone employees spend a lot of time developing environmentally responsible strategies and initiatives for their clients, but last Thursday, they rolled up their sleeves and got their hands dirty.

In celebration of Earth Day, a group of Cone employees took time out of their day to help make Boston a bit greener. Under the instruction of Earthworks, “a community-based non-profit organization committed to planting a healthier and more sustainable Boston,” the group fertilized and prepared soil at a Cooper Community Gardens site that will ultimately become an edible landscape, comprised of a variety of fruit, nut and berry plants.

The excursion was part of Earthwork’s Urban Orchards Program, which strives to connect individuals with one another and with the natural landscape of their neighborhoods. By involving local communities in reviving and maintaining open spaces, Earthworks empowers people to create more ecologically sustainable neighborhoods.

The Earthworks project was just one part of the Green Team’s efforts to engage employees in Cone’s commitment to environmental responsibility. While Earth Day comes but once a year, Cone’s commitment is ongoing—the Green Team meets on a monthly basis to continue to identify opportunities to make Cone a greener place.

-Erin Zwaska, Former Assistant Account Executive


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