Green Products Take the Stage

For years, environmentally friendly products have played second fiddle to traditional merchandise: cordoned off in a special section of the store, relegated to a certain part of the website and treated as an atypical purchase. Now, green products are finally ready for their big break.

As Amanda Hess from GOOD reports, a new company is ready to give green products their fair share of the Hollywood spotlight.Green Product Placement is the brainchild of Beth Bell and Lisa Dietrich, who are striving to place sustainable, charitable, organic and local products in major TV and movie productions. Bell explains, "As shoppers in the real world begin investing in healthier foods and greener cleaners, there's no reason their Hollywood counterparts shouldn't do the same."

By incorporating more responsible products into pop culture, Green Product Placement may also help break down green stigmas that still persist in the market. Cone's 2012 Green Gap Trend Tracker revealed consumers continue to perceive areas like price, quality and availability as barriers to buying environmental products. But as Bell told GOOD, "The exposure these green products get on film has a ‘cumulative effect' that can ultimately ‘help viewers recognize them as a normal brand, and not a fringe one.'" This exposure, in addition to a company's own storytelling about how its environmentally responsible products can compete on price and quality, may actually turn the tables for responsible products, breaking down barriers and making good, green TV to boot.

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