Inspiring Women To 'Choose You'

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Have you thought of a gift for the special women in your life? Flowers, jewelry or a nice brunch may be indulgent – but a truly memorable gift would be getting mom to care for her health.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, the American Cancer Society* (ACS) is launching a movement to encourage mom to do just that. Called Choose You, this initiative is inspiring women to put their health first and make lifestyle choices that will help them stay well and help prevent cancer. Choose You is primarily focused on women, but also invites men to join the movement and encourage the women in their lives to put their health first. A celebratory launch took place on Tuesday, where celebrity ambassador Ellen Pompeo illuminated the Walgreens’ Times Square digital billboard, the world’s largest, with images of women and men who joined the movement. This was followed by a star-studded honorary luncheon, including Gabourey Sidibe, academy-award nominated star of Precious; JuJu Chang, co-host Good Morning America; Kiran Chetry, CNN’s American Morning; and representatives from Choose You’s National Presenting Sponsors, Sprite Zero and Walgreens.

This luncheon also brought together influencers on women's health to hear directly from ACS executives and scientific leaders.

Cone CEO Jens Bang displayed on the billboard in Times Square for the Choose You launch

But the movement doesn’t end with the glitz of the launch. ACS is making it easy for individuals to make a wellness pledge online (quit smoking, adopt healthier eating habits, etc.) and gain the support of their peers throughout their journey to a healthier lifestyle. Participants benefit from the emotional and financial backing of their supporters (who can pledge “support donations” to ACS on behalf of their friend's or loved one’s goal). When they achieve success, supporters’ donations will go to ACS. If unsuccessful, the participant's pledge will go to ACS. The structure is a win-win for both the cause and the individual, transforming the model for how to fundraise and incentivize behavior change online.
ACS will sustain the movement offline with a multi-faceted, year-round approach that reaches women wherever they are – online, in-store, at the workplace or in local communities – through a variety of targeted initiatives.

And mark your calendars – ACS has established May 12 as National Choose You Day, asking employers to give their workers 30 minutes to do something to promote their health. This annual event will be a reminder of the campaign – and will ensure it is re-energized each year. Suitably, the day of recognition will fall close to Mother’s Day every year, meaning it is always an appropriate time to remind the women close to you to focus on their health.

*ACS is a client of Cone, who helped develop and execute this campaign.


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