Jonathan Yohannan Discusses Sustainable New Media

Sustainability, corporate citizenship and corporate social responsibility are just a few of the words used by C-suite executives to describe how businesses provide social, environmental and financial value for key stakeholders and society. It’s no wonder so many companies struggle with the sheer volume and complexity of corporate responsibility issues and stakeholder expectations when they can’t even agree on what to call it.

And today, new media have only complicated everything further by accelerating the communications process. The power of stakeholders is much stronger than ever before given their ability to assemble online, wresting control over the message away from companies. So, how does a company keep up? Creating a Facebook page or adding a widget is not going to cut it among today’s tech-savvy consumers and stakeholders, nor will it satisfy their skeptical stance on corporate responsibility marketing efforts. Like all other communications, a new media presence must have the right mix of strategy, messaging and audience to be a success. Cone helps companies navigate this journey from strategy and reporting to engagement and new media communications


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