Knorr Educates Consumers on “Saving Hidden Water” in Food

When people think about conserving water at home, they probably first think of turning off the faucet when brushing their teeth or perhaps taking a "navy shower" to reduce personal water usage, but it's not likely that what's for dinner would be top of mind. Yet, the impact of what is on our plates is dramatic. In fact, 92 percent of consumers' water footprint is a result of the water used to produce the food they eat. Now, one company is educating consumers on this fact in a new behavior change campaign, while highlighting its own commitment to conserving water.

Knorr, a Unilever brand known for its bouillons, soups and seasonings, is working to educate consumers on the real source of personal water footprints through its "Saving Hidden Water" campaign. The effort, launched during World Water Week with partner Water Footprint Network, brings awareness to just how much water is used in the food production process and what we can all do to reduce hidden water. Knorr outlines a three-step process to saving invisible water. Knorr first asks consumers to "Swap it Out," or switch to food items that take less water to produce. Knorr suggests switches such as choosing lamb over beef for dinner or potatoes over rice, with a helpful chart showing the impact the trades will make. Next, consumers can "Look for the Logo." Here, consumers can look out for items with the special Knorr Sustainability Partnership logo. The logo highlights Knorr products with ingredients that are sustainably sourced and showcases the brand's goal to source 100 percent of its ingredients sustainably by 2020. Lastly, Knorr suggests consumers "Reduce Food Waste," to ensure that no water is wasted when food hits the trash can instead of the dinner plate. Knorr also provides recipe inspiration for when consumers are stumped on how to transform items lingering in their fridge into tasty meals.

Knorr's effort not only educates and inspires consumers to make small water-saving changes through the food they eat, it also pairs seamlessly with the brand's efforts to reduce water usage internally, before products even hit the shelves. In fact, farmers who are part of Knorr's sustainable agriculture program have already saved an average of 337,000 gallons over the past three years, equating to more than 5 million glasses of water. Now, through engaging consumers in its efforts, that impact can be amplified even further.