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According to this year’s Cone Holiday Trend Tracker, most Americans (71 percent) are motivated to purchase cause-related gifts this season because they want to introduce a cause they care about to others. A number of organizations are providing opportunities for consumers to fulfill this need by offering gifts that allow recipients to make a donation to the organization or cause most relevant to them. A few of the programs we’ve learned about this week include:

Some companies, too, are offering gifts with a charitable or environmentally sensitive edge, including: 

However, the Holiday Trend Tracker also found that while nearly half (49 percent) of survey respondents proactively seek opportunities to purchase gifts associated with a cause, a full 71 percent say they are not aware of what companies are doing to support causes around the holidays.  As holiday shoppers seek opportunities to make a difference with their purchases, companies must make a concerted effort to tell consumers not only what they as a company are doing to support a cause, but also how their consumers can get involved and the specific impact they stand to make.


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