L’Oréal Transforms Self-Doubt Into Self-Worth

This year, we have seen an undeniable shift in what companies communicate to consumers. An increasing number of brands are choosing to amplify their commitment to company values and promote diversity and acceptance. The beauty industry especially is dedicated to breaking stereotypes and creating inclusive campaigns that encourage consumers to fearlessly express their true selves, regardless of gender, race, or religion. This week, one of the biggest names in beauty took a stand and revealed their own plan to foster acceptance.

L’Oréal has teamed up with The Prince’s Trust to launch their ‘All Worth It’ campaign in an effort to boost self-worth among young people in the U.K. after a study by The Prince’s Trust revealed that one in three young people say they don’t believe in themselves. The program will consist of four modules that address issues such as body language, communication, employability and relationships, and an e-mentorship program that will help 10,000 young people by connecting them with e-mentors who can provide online advice and support. The ‘All Worth It’ initiative will also include a series of short films featuring Dame Helen Mirren, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Katie Piper, Marcus Butler, Louisa Johnson, and 10 other L’Oréal Paris ambassadors each sharing stories of their own journey to self-acceptance. But perhaps the most notable element of the new campaign is that the beauty brand has chosen to change their famed slogan from ‘Because you’re worth it’ to ‘We are all worth it’ to further reflect their values and commitment to the issue. L’Oréal’s U.K. brand manager explains the bold move, “It’s not so much about changing the slogan but [the actions] we do behind it. The partnership is going to be a three-year relationship. We are in this for the long term.”

While most companies’ approaches towards showcasing values may include one bold 60 second ad or moment-in-time activation, L’Oréal’s decision to alter their slogan goes beyond simply promoting company values - its year-long commitment to the new, inclusive slogan undeniably ties the effort into the company’s core identity and defines who they are as a brand.