Commitments Score Companies Olympic Gold

As London looks to "inspire a generation" with Olympic wonders, companies look to inspire consumers through new cause and CR commitments. Here's a sampling of cause and CR campaigns that are going for the gold during the 2012 Olympics:

  • Get your tissues ready. P&G's "Thank you Mom" campaign is perhaps the most memorable and humanizing commercial to hit the air during the past month. The spot highlights arguably the real Olympic stars: the parents that make it all possible. But this is more than just a tear-jerking commercial; P&G thanked Olympic families by helping to send more than 2,000 parents to the games who might otherwise not be able to attend. Once in London, families can relax at the P&G Family Home, which welcomes more than 10,000 Olympic families from around the world, providing meals, internet access and beauty treatments featuring P&G products.

  • The U.S. Olympic Committee jumped on the cause marketing bandwagon with its "Raise Our Flag" campaign, which raised nearly $400,000 for the nonprofit. The campaign motivated Americans to get involved by asking supporters to purchase a stitch of the opening ceremony American flag for $12. The six-by-10 foot flag was stitched in New Jersey.
  • Want to gear up with Olympic accessories for a cause? Article22 released a limited-edition set of Olympic "Peacebomb" bangles designed to represent the five Olympic rings. The bangles are made by local artisans out of bomb shards from the more than 250 million bombs dropped over Laos during the Vietnam War. Each bangle sold will help Project Peacebomb clear unexploded bombs from up to 15 square meters of land.
  • As an official sponsor of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, BP is looking to clean up its image with the "Target Neutral" campaign, offering all Olympic ticketholders the opportunity to offset the carbon footprint of their travel to and from the games. BP is hoping the effort will hit a new world record for providing the largest number of offsets at one event. The company is also fueling a fleet of 5,000 vehicles with "advanced fuels" as the official oil and gas partner for London 2012, which should result in a 10 percent reduction of carbon emissions during the games.
  • Brawny is airing a sports-themed commercial during the Olympics to bring awareness to its "Support Our Heroes" campaign. The commercial educates consumers on the brand's newest commitment to the Wounded Warriors Project, which provides services and support to wounded veterans. Brawny has kicked off the campaign by making a $250,000 donation to the Wounded Warriors Project, but has also encouraged consumers to get involved on Facebook and Twitter to trigger additional $1 donations up to $250,000.
  • GE won big with its "First Chance" campaign. The commercial, which shows how incubators donated by GE have saved the lives of premature and sick babies at a hospital in East London, was the highest scoring advertisement by an Olympic sponsor to date, according to analytics firm Ace Metrix.

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