Painting Vine (Red) For Aids Relief

Even the most popular and successful awareness campaigns can sometimes grow stale over time. What can organizations do to reinvigorate massive social impact campaigns? One nonprofit behemoth has taken to social media, showing it can be both agile and timely, breaking world records and showing impact in turn.

(RED) recently launched a massive social media campaign to refresh its seven year-old commitment to raising awareness and funds to eliminate AIDS in Africa through ending mother-to-child transmission of HIV. Just last week, (RED) partnered with Mashable in an effort to break the world record for most Vine videos in a 24-hour period. Last Wednesday, participants shared creative five-second videos with a (RED) theme using hashtag #REDworldrecord on Twitter, culminating in a record-setting effort. This week, (RED) teamed up with Johnson & Johnson to encourage followers to share an infographic showing the progress of the (RED) campaign over time. For every share on Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 up to $100,000. The campaign is clear in showing the return of the effort – which will provide up to 250,000 days of HIV/AIDS medicine.

(RED) has a bold manifesto to deliver an "AIDS Free Generation" by 2015. This campaign not only shows how every individual can participate towards this goal, but also how far (RED) has come since its inception in 2006, both in its communications and partnership efforts as well as issue impact. In fact, (RED) reports a significant drop in new mother-to-child HIV infections, tallying 330,000 in 2013, down from 519,845 in 2006. Social impact organizations with bold and urgent commitments can turn to social media to rejuvenate, motivate and maybe even break a few records, moving beyond awareness and on to goal achievement.


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