PNC Announces Latest Green Effort

Like a proud parent, we couldn’t be happier knowing our client, PNC Financial Services Group Inc., has both social and environmental commitments. PNC, who has made an unprecedented 10-year, $100 million investment in school readiness, recently announced plans to install a soil-based living wall on the exterior of the company's Pittsburgh headquarters building. The living wall, which will be installed September 2009, will be the largest green living wall in North America, and just in time for the G20 summit, which will be taking place in Pittsburg this fall.

Certainly, the wall will provide cooling benefits for the building, but by timing it with the G20 event, it will also draw notice to the bank’s large inventory of green buildings and bank branches. PNC Director of Corporate Real Estate Gary Saulson commented, "The wall will be a fitting reminder that PNC is the world-leader in green building."

Cone has been working with PNC on its cause program, Grow Up Great, for six years, and we are thrilled that it also recognizes the importance of committing to the environment.


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