Proving On-the-Ground Impact During Hurricane Sandy

Since the East Coast landfall of Hurricane Sandy nearly three weeks ago, we've seen an overwhelming amount of outreach and support from generous individuals, corporations and nonprofits contributing everything from cash to mobile power stations. Yet, as donors look to continue aiding relief efforts, there is heightened focus on the true impact of these programs.  

Spark & Hustle, a team of entrepreneurial experts helping women grow their own small businesses, created the "Sandy Comfort Campaign" to raise funds for food, clothing and other basic necessities. Founder Tory Johnson explains why the Spark & Hustle effort is so unique: her team plans on documenting, through photos and videos, relief efforts on the ground every step of the way. In fact, the more donors contribute, the more they can interact with the effort personally. Donors who give $100 will receive a personal note from the team with details on the specific person or family who benefited from the donation, while those who donate $1,000 will have the opportunity to share their personal "philosophy of giving" as speakers at one of the upcoming 2013 Spark & Hustle national tour dates. The campaign, which set a modest goal of $1,000 on Indiegogo, has already raised more than $55,000.

In a world where stakeholder expectations continue to grow, showing the return of charity programs is vital. The Spark & Hustle team does more than let donors see specifically where and how their contributions are helping victims of Hurricane Sandy. The organization provides donors opportunities to realize personal return by sharing their own stories of giving. Much more engaging and meaningful than a one-time donation, Spark & Hustle is innovating the giving model in a way that we expect will not only yield greater contributions to its cause, but also foster long-standing brand affinity. 

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