Crisis Prevention and Management

Joining the Cone team: A summer intern’s experience

After eight weeks of interning for Cone, I can say that nothing makes a meeting more exhilarating than when Jenn Sheehy, our VP of Crisis Prevention & Management, begins by announcing that “We have a crisis.” Yes, exactly like that… Straight out of something like The West Wing. The first time this happened, I had a hard time convincing myself I wasn’t actually watching an Aaron Sorkin drama. Jenn deftly fired off a task list, team members had status updates, someone read a statement from the client. The whole thing was perfectly scripted.

Tips for Executing a Successful Media Mailer

Editors and reporters receive hundreds of product pitches every week, making it difficult to cut through the clutter and make your product stand out. Media mailers can be an effective way to get your product in the media’s hands, and with a little creativity, you can reach them in an innovative way that will ultimately drive brand awareness through media coverage. Here are some tips for planning your next product mailer:

Corporate–Nonprofit Partnerships: What to Do in a Crisis

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis in Africa is under fire after revealing “grave misuse of funds” in four countries where it operates. The Fund released its report last year, but an Associated Press story brought renewed attention to the situation this week, revealing the Global Fund is demanding the recovery of $34 million in grants out of $13 billion.

Issue Of The Day: Transparency

Even cold water can’t douse the fire that reusable water bottle company SIGG found itself under this week. The company was berated in the news for deceptive claims after its CEO acknowledged that the liners of bottles produced before August 2008 contain traces of BPA, a substance that has raised significant health concerns in recent years. Elaine Shannon, editor-in-chief of the Environmental Working Group, notes SIGG’s current crisis is less about the actual presence of BPA and more about how the company chose to address the issue. Although company officials knew of the traces of BPA since June 2006, they did not address it publicly until last month.