Tracking Cause Trends Spring/Summer 2009

Dawn, a P&G brand, has launched special-edition packaging and a social media and advertising campaign to revitalize its commitment to a cause it has supported for over 30 years – wildlife conservation. It’s all part of a trend we’ve seen in recent months as companies infuse fresh life into their existing causes, a rebirth if you will. That’s why we have coined this trend the “cause renaissance.”

This is just one of 10 hot cause-related trends we have identified in the marketplace over the past several months. Our list includes:

  • Cause Lite: organizations approach heavy issues with a light heart
  • Seasonal: when life gives them lemons…companies make lemonade campaigns
  • Home Grown: there’s no place like home…to focus a cause campaign
  • Feeding America: companies are feeding America by partnering with this eponymous organization
  • A La Carte Cause: brands put consumers in the driver’s seat and let them choose from a range of options
  • BOGO: the cause value equation is simple = you buy one + we give one
  • Ready, Set, Activate!: for these companies, consumer engagement doesn’t stop in the store
  • Service with a Smile: companies encourage volunteerism by tying it to some of America’s favorite indulgences
  • Cause Renaissance: if it ain’t broke…companies infuse new life into existing causes
  • Make Your Mark: the messages may be temporary, but the impressions are lasting

These trends reveal some interesting insights into the state of cause as we endure a reset global economy. Many of these examples are cause promotions, so it is clear that organizations are taking a back-to-basics approach to cause, seeking to connect with consumers and ultimately drive sales. Companies are also handing over much control to the consumer, giving him or her the ultimate voice in supporting the cause that matters most.

Intrigued? For details and examples for each cause trend, download the list from our Web site.


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