Prove Your Purpose

Here at Cone Communications, we have challenged ourselves, our clients and the industry at large to put a line in the sand and answer the question, "What do you stand for?" But the world of corporate social responsibility is evolving. As we reported in our 2012 Corporate Social Return Trend Tracker, stakeholders demand results. The currency of social and environmental aspirations is waning, and today meaningful corporate citizenship is about proof of impact.

"Prove Your Purpose" is the mantra of our new standard for CSR, and will replace "What Do You Stand For?" as the name and theme of our award-winning newsletter and blog. We will continue to track and discuss the myriad of ways CSR comes to life through campaigns and initiatives, and will also seek to provide examples of how campaigns are making a difference – for business, brand and society.

Through our blog and our agency work, we are taking a hardline stance that proving purpose is paramount. Mission statements are not enough. Today, companies must demonstrate return for vested stakeholders and proof of progress.

We are excited for this next chapter in our blog and the broader CSR landscape. We hope you continue to visit and engage with the Prove Your Purpose blog, and we'd love your feedback along the way. Share your thoughts via Twitter using #ConeCSR or email us at

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