Why I Love The New York Times, Print

I love The New York Times. A day without it is like a day without blue sky, low humidity and sunshine.

And I will show my age - I love the print edition. I savor the writing and the ability to mark key paragraphs and phrases, returning to them later in the day once more for their richness.

Sure, the ink gets on my fingers and the pages crumple, especially if I am on a plane or outside. Yet, I learn so much about so much by seeing the articles and ads juxtaposed.

I often read an article I never would have opened online, because of a photograph or just the way it is grouped together on a page or in a spread. As an avid learner and marketer, the ads inform in other ways. What is hot for back-to-school? How are companies relating to the environment or other causes? What’s on sale? What is new? What advocacy issues are being supported?

I fear, with great trepidation, the demise of the print edition. Each day, as the newspaper grows thinner, I worry more.

I also worry about losing the random information I gain by viewing articles I never would have read. I thrive on looking for patterns from this seeming randomness. I worry for younger readers too. That randomness is a powerful way to learn in a world where customization delivers only what you seek, or related items/events. Sure, I get daily Google alerts, follow Digg suggestions, use Twitter and Facebook and read various business and lifestyle magazines (whose pages grow fewer by the week/month, too). Yet, the unique layout of ads, stories, photo, captions and headlines, which all come together to tell a larger tale about the state of our region, country or world, is something only a print newspaper can provide.

Yes, my overall favorite is The New York Times. So please survive. My Kindle or computer just aren’t the same.


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