The Business Case For Workplace Volunteerism Just Got Stronger

I am very excited about the latest results from Deloitte’s Volunteer IMPACT Research Series. These findings reveal important, new data: millennials who frequently participate in workplace volunteer programs are more satisfied on a number of measures than their peers who rarely or never volunteer. They are more likely to feel proud of, and loyal to, their company. Further, they are more likely to be satisfied with their career progression, and they are more likely to think their corporate culture is positive. These are powerful statistics that suggest providing frequent volunteerism opportunities makes business sense.

At a time when this and other studies reveal that one-third of millennials are considering other job opportunities, Deloitte’s findings offer a strong argument for making volunteerism a business priority. Companies that view their volunteer programs as strategic assets and factor community involvement into their business planning may have a distinct advantage when it comes to engaging this civic-minded generation of workers.

 Michelle Nunn, CEO of Points of Light Institute and co-founder of HandsOn Network, recently wrote an op-ed that appeared in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, which came to similar conclusions.

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Evan Hochberg, national leader of Deloitte’s community involvement initiative

*Deloitte is a Cone client.


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