Social Impact

Three Companies Leveraging World Water Day to Amplify Water Commitments

World Water Day took place on Wednesday March 22 and aimed to bring awareness to the global water crisis. Based on the multitude of campaigns, it’s clear that companies are taking note and are motivated to make a difference in the global fight to protect our most precious natural resource.

Sustainability Sparkles at Jewelry Industry Summit

At this year’s Jewelry Industry Summit, manufacturers, producers and retailers joined forces to discuss how to advance industry efforts with an eye toward responsible sourcing. Cone had a front seat, with Executive Vice President Lisa Manley taking center stage to talk through the industry’s four biggest areas of opportunity in corporate responsibility.

“Hidden Figures” Sparks STEM Commitments

STEM took the spotlight with the release of the “Hidden Figures” film which increased awareness of past gender and racial inequity. The film has not only inspired girls to pursue their interests in STEM but it also encouraged society and companies to address the STEM gender gap that is still present today. 

L’Oréal Transforms Self-Doubt Into Self-Worth

An increasing number of brands are choosing to amplify their commitment to company values and promote diversity and acceptance. The beauty industry especially is dedicated to breaking stereotypes and creating inclusive campaigns that encourage consumers to fearlessly express their true selves, regardless of gender, race, or religion. This week, one of the biggest names in beauty took a stand and revealed their own plan to foster acceptance.

Companies Step in to Help Refugee Crisis

In the last 10 years, the number of forcibly displaced people in the world has increased by more than 30 percent -- from 21 million in 2005 to 65.3 million in 2015. In 2015 alone, an estimated 1.8 million individuals became refugees. As the crisis continues to expand, it's all hands on deck as government, coalitions and nonprofits work toward solutions. Recently, we've seen more companies step in to offer desperately needed products, aid and assistance. Here's a roundup of companies involved in the space

National Preparedness Month: How Companies are Getting Involved

Between Hurricane Hermine tearing up the East Coast earlier this month and the major flooding in Louisiana, disaster preparedness and response has been on the minds of many recently. And with months to go in hurricane season, companies and consumers alike must stay alert. To provide solutions in the moment of disaster and ensure individuals keep safety top of mind throughout the year, companies are launching National Preparedness Month campaigns.

What’s Trending in Back-to-School Cause Marketing

Parents, teachers and communities are going to great lengths to increase attendance and create a vibrant learning environment for kids heading back to the classroom, from a 4th-grade teacher's viral "welcome back" rap video, to an Arizona mayor going door-to-door to urge high school dropouts to re-enroll. And companies are joining in as well, lending their unique tools and assets to help kids grow and learn both in and outside of school.