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Perceptions, Millennials and CSR: How to Engage the New Leaders of Tomorrow

With graduation season well underway, thousands of Millennials* are getting ready to enter the workforce, diplomas and ideals in hand. Numbering more than 80 million Americans, they are the largest cohort the U.S. has ever seen. And they are the first generation to grow up alongside corporate social responsibility (CSR) – in fact, a large majority have never known a world without cause marketing and CSR reports.

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Transparency: The New Must-Have Ingredient

Grocery shoppers are entering a new age of concern about what they're putting in their bodies -- and we're not just talking about calories and fat. As Americans seek to understand what's in their food, where it comes from and how it's made, companies are on the hook to provide information and help consumers understand the myriad food concerns that pervade today's grocery aisles.

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Portfolio Power: Unlocking The Potential Of CSR Brand Management

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, what brands stand for matters more than ever. The vast majority of people expect companies to go way beyond just selling products and to drive positive change. Marketers who aren’t building corporate social responsibility (CSR) into the core of their brands are missing a big business-building opportunity.

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Local, Sustainability and GMOs: How Americans Navigate the Changing Grocery Aisle

As controversies like LSD-laced meat, “yoga mat bread” and deceptive labeling become more prevalent, just a quick trip to the grocery store can be more complex than ever before. When shopping for food, consumers prize family satisfaction above all else (97%), but increasingly, they consider health and nutrition (93%) and sustainability (77%) as important factors in their buying decisions, according to the newly-released 2014 Cone Communications Food Issues Trend Tracker.

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