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Portfolio Power: Unlocking The Potential Of CSR Brand Management

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, what brands stand for matters more than ever. The vast majority of people expect companies to go way beyond just selling products and to drive positive change. Marketers who aren’t building corporate social responsibility (CSR) into the core of their brands are missing a big business-building opportunity.

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Local, Sustainability and GMOs: How Americans Navigate the Changing Grocery Aisle

As controversies like LSD-laced meat, “yoga mat bread” and deceptive labeling become more prevalent, just a quick trip to the grocery store can be more complex than ever before. When shopping for food, consumers prize family satisfaction above all else (97%), but increasingly, they consider health and nutrition (93%) and sustainability (77%) as important factors in their buying decisions, according to the newly-released 2014 Cone Communications Food Issues Trend Tracker.

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#Winning at SXSW: Wearables and Women

South by Southwest is certainly not the easiest conference to navigate. With 20+ panels all happening in the same timeslot and a list of 30+ parties taking place each evening, it can be incredibly overwhelming, invoking FOMO (fear of missing out) even among the most decisive people. People love to say the conference has become too big, too commercial and has “jumped the shark,” but when it comes down to it, SXSW is still a place for creative, innovative companies and marketers to come together to talk about ideas, trends, challenges and the future of…well, everything. 

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Beyond Demographics: The New Responsible Consumer Profile

Too often as marketers we try to tailor our strategies based on demographics. Yet, when it comes to engaging consumers around CSR, the approach is not as straightforward. Individuals of all different ages and backgrounds have varying levels of support for companies’ CSR efforts – but we see them come together around a shared belief regarding their personal roles in addressing social and environmental issues through their purchases. 

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One Thing That Really Matters For 2014: Closing The CSR Gap

It’s that time of year again—when Top 10 Trend lists suddenly appear like lights on a tree (so far I’ve counted dozens, including Tech Trends, Green Marketing Social Media Trends, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Trends, Supermarket Trends, even the heart-stopping 2014 Top-Ten Call Center Trends). 

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A Year in CSR: The Top 10 Trends of 2013

From the massive Bangladesh fire and factory collapse, to the horse meat scandal and ongoing international natural disasters, 2013 was a year of new issues, challenges and opportunities within CSR. Companies and consumers alike were bold, even brazen, in their approaches to accelerating positive change. This year was marked by continued digital innovation, audacious goals, new industry support and unexpected partnerships. Cone Communications has simplified its years’ worth of CSR tracking to share the top 10 trends of 2013.

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