A History of Pioneering


Cone Communications opens it's doors as Cone & Co. with Carol Cone as founder. Initial focus was on public relations for sports and active lifestyle brands.

The Billy Kidd Ski Tips, created by Cone, represented the first-ever series of national tv "tips" run as a part of news sports programming. In addition to gaining significant branding and association with a top celebrity, Salomon received nearly $1.5 million in free news broadcast airtime in over 100 markets in it's first year.

Making consumers care about something they cannot see requires creative messaging and execution. Cone launched the consumer campaign to introduce Gore-Tex with a cover story in Inc. Magazine. We then brought it to consumers, generating critical exposure on tv and in print – gaining Gore-Tex recognition as the preeminent leader in the waterproof, breathable fabric category.


Cone launches first cause marketing initiative.

Conceptualizing a need for an extension to the Ronald McDonald Houses specifically for bone marrow transplant patients, Cone worked with McDonald's to raise awareness and funding for the nation's first Ronald McDonald Bone Marrow Transplant Recovery House, which opened in Boston in 1987.