Cone Communications Launches New Influencer Identification Platform


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ConeFluence, powered by SocMetrics, allows agency to
identify top social media influencers based on topic


BOSTON (August 7, 2013) – Today, Cone Communications announces the launch of its new influencer identification platform, ConeFluence, powered by SocMetrics.   This custom offering gives the Boston-based marketing and public relations agency a preferred method to find key online influencers on behalf of its clients. It also offers full tracking and reporting enabling Cone to pinpoint how influencers are engaging with various brands and better explain social media impressions and resonance.

SocMetrics, the leader in influencer analysis and monitoring, has helped agencies and brands strengthen their influencer marketing programs by targeting thought leaders for hundreds of outreach and advocacy campaigns.

“We’re thrilled to launch ConeFluence in partnership with SocMetrics,” said Alex Nicholson, Vice President of New and Social Media at Cone. “Influencer engagement has always been critical to public relations and ConeFluence enables us to offer a sophisticated, digital approach. We feel this new platform will give our clients an edge in finding the right stakeholders, trendsetters and new media journalists to engage with and build relationships of value.”

SocMetrics is a cloud-based platform that empowers PR and marketing professionals to quickly, easily and reliably identify the most effective online influencers for any campaign. The platform provides an end-to-end solution that profiles each influencer, builds lists for targeted outreach, and monitors campaign results. SocMetrics is best known for its easy-to-use Topic oriented approach to influencer identification which does not rely on error-prone keyword queries.  Once identified, influencers can be engaged for a variety of Cone’s client needs, including brand advocacy, product and program feedback, and much more

“The ConeFluence platform helps bring Cone to the next level in their influencer initiatives,” said Jed Breed, Director of Market Development, SocMetrics “Our unique topical technology integrates perfectly with Cone's creative services and campaign execution to provide powerful and measurable results for its clients.” 

For more information about ConeFluence or Cone’s other New and Social Media offerings, please contact Alex Nicholson at