Cone Rings True at Bell Ringer Awards Ceremony

BOSTON, MA (June 26, 2007) – The Publicity Club of New England honored Cone with four Bell Ringer awards at the 38th annual award ceremony on June 11. The Publicity Club commended Cone’s campaigns created for the American Heart Association and Nestle Waters North America, and also presented eight merit awards for Chicco USA, Inc., Yoplait, and Lindt Chocolate.

With over 371 entries from 67 PR agencies and companies, The Bell Ringer awards acknowledge the accomplishments of public relations professionals from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire.

A Bell was awarded to Cone and the American Heart Association (AHA) in the categories of “Best Brochure,” “Best Promotional Items,” and “Best New Media” for their work on the Go Red For Women campaign. The campaign has positioned AHA as a true change agent and an organization on the cutting edge of where nonprofit branding is heading.

Cone and Nestle Waters North America also earned the “Best Consumer Campaign Product/Service Launch” Bell for the launch of its newest bottled water product, the Aquapod.

In addition, The Publicity Club honored Cone with a total of eight Merit awards for its campaigns created for the American Heart Association, Chicco USA, Inc., Yoplait, and Lindt Chocolate. Merit awards for “Best Feature or Commentary Placement” and “Best Product Service Launch” (Chicco USA, Inc.), “Best Community Service Campaign” (Yoplait), “Best Product Service Publicity” and “Best Series Campaign Special Event” (Lindt Chocolate), “Best Employee Communications Campaign,” “Best Marketing Communications Campaign” and the “Best Single Campaign Special Event” (American Heart Association) went to Cone for outstanding client work over the past year.