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Cone Communications Launches C4M, a Social Media and Online Community Management Training

More Than One-Third of Agency Staff Currently Certified

BOSTON (April 17, 2013) – Boston-based public relations and marketing agency Cone Communications has launched a social media and online community management training platform, C4M (Cone Communications Certified Community Managers), focused on developing core digital competencies for all account staff.  Led by experts from Cone’s New and Social Media team, the C4M training offers an in-depth new and social media immersion, focused on the following key areas:

  • Understanding today’s social media landscape
  • Evaluating and optimizing a brand’s digital presence
  • Defining social media objectives and creating an effective social media strategy
  • Defining a brand’s social media persona and tone
  • Developing yearly planning calendars based on integrated and multi-channel marketing plans
  • Planning and developing strategic contenton a real-time basis
  • Effectively engaging and moderating communities
  • Integrating with customer service departments
  • Marketing integration and campaign support
  • Reporting and analytic insights; defining metrics for measuring success
  • Clear understanding of all major social media platform promotion guidelines
  • Compliance with FTC and COPPA guidelines

“Social media isn’t a specialty anymore – it’s a core capability,” says Alex Nicholson, Vice President of New and Social Media.  “Cone is dedicated to providing our clients with innovative and cutting edge programs.  As our work becomes increasingly focused on social and digital, we are ensuring that all our staff are trained to lead in this area.”

In addition to the core curriculum, C4M-certified account staff go through added specialized trainings on social media and digital topics, such as influencer engagement and digital development, to build upon their skill sets.  To complement the training program, Cone has implemented tools and created resources to keep account staff up-to-speed on emerging trends and platforms.  For example, the agency’s New and Social Media team brings the community managers together for monthly “Nerd Ups” to discuss new platforms and best practices and has created a private Facebook page for community managers to test content and share ideas and insights.  Cone Communications Certified Community Managers are currently providing community management services to clients.  

For more information about C4M or Cone’s New and Social Media offerings, please contact Alex Nicholson at