Purpose is a Key Driver of Overall Reputation, According to New Research from Porter Novelli and Cone

Purpose is one of three critical dimensions of overall reputation, according to the 2018 Porter Novelli/Cone Purpose Premium Index: How Companies Can Unlock Reputational Gains by Leading with Purpose. The study, examining consumer perceptions of the top 200 companies in the U.S., also finds Purpose and Reputation are intrinsically linked.

CSR Expert Alison DaSilva Joins Plenary Panel at 3BL Forum

Alison DaSilva, executive vice president, CSR and Purpose, Cone, a Porter Novelli company, will join corporate social responsibility (CSR) experts as a speaker at 3BL Forum on October 23-25. The annual event brings together a diverse group of business, policy and NGO leaders together to share insights, advance best practices and workshop forward-thinking solutions to the most pressing sustainability challenges of our time.

Cone's Work Selected Among Top 20 Campaigns of the Past 20 Years by PRWeek

This week, Cone, a Porter Novelli company, was honored with inclusion in the Top 20 Campaigns of the Past 20 Years by PRWeek as part of its 20th Anniversary Issue. The issue, hitting newsstands on October 2, highlights PRWeek’s 20 years of production, as well as the campaigns that have made an impact in the world of public relations over the past two decades. Cone’s work on Go Red For Women with the American Heart Association (AHA) and Feeding Children Better with ConAgra was selected. Readers are encouraged to vote to select the top PR campaign, and can do so on PRWeek’s website up until noon ET today.

Americans Are Concerned About Climate Change But Question Their Personal Impact, According to Cone/Porter Novelli Research

The majority of Americans (62%) say they believe climate change is a problem, according to the 2018 Cone/Porter Novelli Climate Change Snapshot. The research finds that although many Americans feel unempowered to address climate change, they are hopeful companies will take the lead.

Forbes: How To Attract And Retain Top Marketing Talent Through Values

The 2015 Cone Communications Millennial CSR Study reports that 82% of young millennials (aged 18-24) and 75% of mature millennials (aged 25-34) consider CSR when deciding where to work, and 62% of millennials overall are willing to take a pay cut to work for a responsible company. Beyond the millennial age group, the Cone Communications study also noted that 87% of people in the U.S. expect companies to operate responsibly to address social and environmental issues. Clearly, CSR is a hidden gem in enticing and keeping top talent.

Entrepreneur: 3 Considerations You Must Think Through Before Taking a Political Position as a Brand

Since the 2016 election cycle, however, it’s becoming more and more common for companies to unmistakably and unapologetically take a stand. Research statistics reflect that shift. Cause sponsorship is predicted to reach $2.14B this year and Cone Communications reported in a Corporate Social Responsibility study that 78 percent of respondents stated that they want companies to address important social justice issues and that four out of five consumers will consider switching products if they believe a brand supports a specific cause.

Forbes: Three Must-Have Tools To Create Superior Strategies

A 2017 study by Cone Communications revealed that nearly 8 in 10 consumers want businesses to "address important social justice issues." And "63% of Americans are hopeful businesses will take the lead to drive social and environmental change moving forward, in the absence of government regulation."

Americans More Loyal And Willing To Defend Purpose-Driven Brands, According To New Research By Cone

Nearly eight-in-10 (79%) Americans say they are more loyal to Purpose-driven brands than traditional brands and nearly three-quarters (73%) are more willing to defend them, according to the 2018 Cone/Porter Novelli Purpose Study. The study, examining consumer expectations and behaviors towards companies that lead with Purpose, finds that Purpose-driven brands can build stronger emotional connections with consumers that go far beyond a transactional relationship.

Crisis Communications Expert Marc Berliner Joins Panel at the International Crisis Management Conference

Cone, a Porter Novelli public relations and marketing agency specializing in Purpose and CSR, will join the International Crisis Management Conference (ICMC), as a sponsor of the two-day event in Boston April 24-25. The conference will cover the characteristics of a crisis, a framework to manage the life cycle of a crisis and provide training for preparedness professionals. 

Porter Novelli’s Cone Joins PwC for Fireside Chat at Cause Marketing Summit

Whitney Dailey, Vice President of Marketing/Research & Insights at Cone, a Porter Novelli public relations and marketing agency specializing in Purpose and CSR, will join Jeff Senne, Corporate Responsibility Strategy and Implementation Leader at PwC, for a fireside chat at the 4th Annual Cause Marketing Summit on April 12. The one-day event is designed for socially responsible businesspersons and nonprofit professionals aiming to develop compelling communications campaigns and increase employee engagement and retention.

Forbes: What's Your Strategy For Attracting Generation Z?

Organizations of all shapes and sizes are facing a newfound imperative to effectively recruit the up-and-coming talent pool knows as Generation Z (Gen Z). Companies are quickly realizing that Gen Z (the pre-teens and teens born roughly between 1996 and 2010) constitute a rare and distinct breed of employee. This demographic has unique values, priorities, and work outlooks as compared to Millennials. The question at hand--how do organizations effectively recruit this new modern-minded worker, estimated to represent 75% of the workforce by 2030?

Forbes: 3 Reasons West Elm's Selfless Marketing Is Worth Watching

West Elm evidently has its ear to the wall regarding shopper soft spots. Seven in 10 consumers believe businesses are obligated to help improve issues that may not be relevant to their everyday operations, according to research by Cone Communications. More than three-quarters of Americans will shop with a brand based on its actions.

Porter Novelli’s Cone Honored for Sixth Consecutive Year on PR News CSR A-List

Cone, a Porter Novelli public relations and marketing agency specializing in Purpose and CSR, is pleased to announce it has once again been named to the PR News CSR A-List, which recognizes the top 10 CSR agencies in the country. Additionally, the agency took home awards for CSR Professional of the Year and Media Relations – CSR. The PR News CSR Awards celebrate the very best communicators, agencies and organizations working to make positive changes in the world.

CNN: Dick's is showing businesses how it's done

Today, Americans expect businesses to practice corporate social responsibility. This means acting as good citizens. A Cone Communications study published in May found that the majority of Americans both buy from and boycott companies based on their stances on pressing social issues. This has become a much bigger priority for consumers in recent years.