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CONE NEWS RELEASE: Cone Releases 2014 Recycling in the Home Survey, in Partnership with Johnson & Johnson

Nearly three-quarters (72%) of consumers consistently recycle in the home, but despite a genuine concern for the environment, only about half do so in rooms beyond the kitchen. According to the 2014 Cone Communications Recycling in the Home Survey, in partnership with the Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies as part of its Care To Recycle program, there are several key barriers to expanding recycling in the home, including the lack of room-specific recycling bins and clear product labeling.

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Huffington Post: Is Innovation the New Donation?

From social media to e-commerce, business has gone through many transitions over the last ten years. We have seen brands adapt to become content publishers, app developers and sustainable operators. The next big change we are starting to see is a shift in the way a brand gives back. Its no longer just about publicity photos with oversized checks, the momentum is behind businesses applying their innovation assets to get their hands dirty solving real problems and often communicating a much more powerful message to their customers in the process.

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Huffington Post: 2014: It's Time for Us to Use All That Data

Now that we have zillions of bytes of data about just about everything, we can see the power of our choices -- and it's time to stop blaming everyone else and take matters into our own hands. It's time to change our own behaviors, instead of waiting for others to do their part.

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CONE NEWS RELEASE: Cone Launches Materiality 360

Cone Communications is launching a new CSR product, Materiality360(SM), which will serve as a one-stop solution for companies looking to identify and analyze their top material issues. The product was designed to meet the requirements of the newly released G4 guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative.

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