Emily Carlucci

Director, Human Resources

A PR practitioner-turned-HR Director, Emily Carlucci has an eye for finding top talent for the agency. When she isn’t busy scouring LinkedIn and job boards for potential hires, Emily serves as a trusted adviser for staff at all levels. Beyond talent acquisition and onboarding, Emily manages several HR functions, including employee relations, professional development, utilizations, trainings, benefits and HR policy administration, and cultural activities. A true people person, Emily loves helping create a positive and fun work environment that enables Cone employees to shine.

Before making the jump to HR, Emily was a supervisor for Cone’s Brand Communications team. Reflecting back on her account days, Emily says hands down her favorite part of the job was media outreach. She credits her passion for media relations to where she got her start to the real world, as a television news producer.

Outside of work, Emily loves escaping to the Cape with her husband, son and bulldog. If you are ever trying to get on her good side, send her a bottle of cabernet sauvignon that she can enjoy while watching The Bachelor or Real Housewives (“I know it’s a bunch of rubbish, but I love it… don’t judge!”).

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