Jenna Walsh headshot.jpg

Jenna Walsh

Vice President

From launching a national taste test and unveiling the latest Wheaties box, to negotiating talent deals and managing major sports sponsorships, there isn’t much that Jenna hasn’t done in her 10-year career in PR.

Jenna’s expertise in marketing and public relations is driven by her passion to immerse herself fully in her clients’ industries – studying their landscapes, their businesses and their opportunities to get an edge over competitors.

Her passion for consumer brands is matched only by her loyalty to the brands she represents, working fiercely to differentiate them from their competitors, create meaningful experiences with consumers, and get them talked about in the press.

In fact, Jenna’s clients have enjoyed coverage from the most influential of news outlets, including, the Associated Press, CNN, FOX News, “Good Morning America,” Hemispheres magazine, Mashable, USA Today, and Us Weekly, to name a few.

In her non-PR life, you can catch Jenna running, cooking, baking or standing on her head in a nearby yoga class. 

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