Mike Lawrence

Chief Reputation Officer
& Executive Vice President

As a reporter and television anchorman for more than 25 years, Mike Lawrence spent much of his time asking tough questions and holding companies and governments accountable. His tact and expertise are now an asset to Cone’s clients, as he helps them acknowledge and address the expectations of customers, employees and other key audiences by asking them the tough questions before someone else does. As the founder of Cone's Corporate Responsibility discipline, Mike has provided over 15 years of leadership to the agency's crisis prevention and management effort. With five Emmy awards and numerous journalism and interviewing honors under his belt, Mike is right in his comfort zone when it comes to working with Csuite leaders and communications professionals. He is an expert on strategy, issues identification and management, and equally as engaging with critics as he is with supporters. Mike is past President of the New England local of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA). 




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