2012 Cone Year of the Dad Trend Tracker

2012 Cone Year of the Dad Trend Tracker

More than one-in-three (35%) moms admit dads have had more influence on grocery store purchases over the last few years. And, with 52 percent of dads now saying they are the primary grocery shopper in the household, dad could soon be taking over as king of the aisle, according to the 2012 Cone Communications Year of the Dad Trend Tracker.

Key Findings Include:

Dads primarily responsible for grocery shopping are more than twice as likely as moms to get a lot of input from other members in their household (34% vs. 12%)

32% of dads say they get in and out of the store as fast as possible buying only what they came for, compared to just 21 percent of moms

Dads are less likely than moms (26% vs. 30%) to say they get distracted by large in-store displays